Urban Sport Club

All USC members have the benefit of having access to a good massage with me.

Here you will find the protocol and details of the services.




S&M Members:

  • 30 Minutes (Free): 4 Wellness check-ins.
  • 45 Minutes: 4 Wellness check-ins + 15€
  • 60 Minutes: 4 Wellness check-ins + 30€

L & XL Members:

  • 30 Minutes (Free): 1 Massage + Wellness check-ins.
  • 45 Minutes (Free): 1 Massage + 4 Wellness check-ins.
  • 45 Minutes: 1 Massage + 1 Wellness check-ins + 15€
  • 60 Minutes (Free): 1 Massage + 7 Wellness check-ins
  • 60 Minutes: 1 Massage + 1 Wellness check-ins + 30€
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With any USC membership you get at least 30 minutes free massage every month. To take a session you must complete at least 3 check-ins before, so when we finish the massage will be paid.



Massage must be paid for with check-ins from the same month or previous months of the session, but not with check-ins from the following months. If for any reason you do not have enough time to complete your check-ins, then you must change your reservation for the following month. But it is not accepted to complete the process payment  for the following month when the massage has already been done.


Accumulation of Checks

For S and M clients: you can only accumulate and use up to 6 check-ins (45 minutes), if you want to stay longer than the informed time, you must pay the difference. In case you have more than 6 checks done, you keep them for the next reservation.



There is no problem with cancellations as long as they are informed in time. If you cancel before 24 hours, you do not lose the checks and you can use them for your future reservation. However, if you notify with less than 24 hours, then you will lose your records as compensation for the time.

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