About me

Accompanying transformations: A journey towards your growth

I am Rossani Delgado, a chilean professional with more than 11 years of experience working in Human Resources areas, specifically in training and talent development. My career has been marked by early successes and challenging experiences. However, the achievements came along with high pressure, a disconnection with myself and a constant stress that affected my health in several ways.

My life took a turn when I arrived in Germany, becoming the starting point of my journey to self-knowledge. Here, I liberated myself professionally and personally, discovered new passions such as dancing, massage therapy, photography and more. I faced challenges, experienced ups and downs, faced my own fears, limitations and walked my darkest paths. All this has led me to my own transformation process, where I have been working to rebuild what I consciously wanted. On this path, I understood the importance of living in the present, the power of our thoughts, our internal dialogue, the impact of our emotions and the importance of knowing how to manage them correctly to maintain a harmonious relationship with oneself and with others.

Undoubtedly the journey to self-knowledge is an adventure that never ends. As many say: “each person is a universe” and so it is, so we have a lifetime to discover more about each other and personally I find this exciting!

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About me

Navigating Evolution: From self-awareness to Integral Wellness.

For me, Self-knowledge is the key to our development. We need to know who we are, how we function mentally, physically, emotionally and how we relate in all these dimensions; what we are looking for and where we are going, etc.
With this information and analysis of each one, it is possible to begin to forge our own path, one that comes from your essence, from your center, from who you are and what you really want. And this knowledge is what I have kept in my work focus.

Personally I believe that something intrinsic to the human being is to evolve, to improve, to be better than yesterday; and to that extent in each of my sessions I seek to increase awareness, applying techniques, dabbling in activities, dances and movements, providing information, etc.. All aiming at the integral wellbeing of the person.


Creating Paths: Towards your Best Version

My most fervent desire is to contribute with my knowledge and experience so that people can discover their most authentic version of themselves, to accompany others towards the connection with themselves, to let go of the physical and mental ties that affect them so much. I long to be part of that process through which they can achieve and unveil their latent potential, conquer their most desired goals and walk with determination their inner paths.

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