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Where through personal and body work you can improve your quality of life.

Wellness practices

Give yourself a moment of relaxation

Wellness practices to reduce your stress, calm your mind, relax your body, align your body-mind-spirit connection with evidence-based techniques and activities.


Wellness Massage

Energetic and manual treatment in different areas of the body, mixing relaxation, deep tissue and lymphatic techniques, which can relieve muscle pain and stiffness and provide stress-relieving relaxation for the body and mind


Coaching Corporal

Through various body techniques we acquire more awareness and connection with our body, we will understand how we relate to the movement, the energies that are within us, and how we flow through music.


Meditation and Mindfulness

Discover inner peace with our meditation and mindfulness sessions. These essential practices will help you reduce stress, improve concentration, and promote emotional health.


Personal Empowerment: Exploring different paths to your Best Version!

In this approach I seek to empower you to discover your full potential in all areas of your life. So that you can focus on your abilities, rediscover your path and align your actions to what you really dream of.

I will accompany you in this process, which will undoubtedly be an experience of personal growth and transformation.


Life Coaching

Through a confidential conversation, we will review and analyze the current issues that are preventing you from advancing to your next level. We will review important aspects of life and develop a plan of action that responds to your true needs and desires, directing your energy to what is really important.


Business Coaching

I accompany you in the creation, definition and implementation of your business idea, that project that excites you and wants to see the light. We will work on all the necessary initial aspects, leaving a solid base so that you can continue with your initiative in the right way.



My mission is to accompany you in the rediscovery of the wonderful being that you are, through a journey, to connect with you and find those answers and insights that are in you and nowhere else, that will allow you to know your potential, achieve all your goals and develop as a person.

We will work with a holistic approach to being, understanding that we are not only earthly beings, but also mental, emotional and spiritual. And how we relate to each of these dimensions will determine how we lead, face and balance our lives.

We will aim to increase your awareness, personal understanding and bodily state, helping your well-being so that your quality of life is better.

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A space where reflection and personal growth are just a click away. Whether you are looking to overcome challenges, explore new perspectives, alleviate your physical discomfort, etc.


Client Testimonials

The testimonials from my valued clients are a true reflection of my commitment and dedication.  These testimonials are much more than just words; they are validation of my efforts to exceed expectations and provide genuine solutions to their needs. Each success story shared reinforces my passion for what I do and motivates me to keep growing and improving. Through these testimonials, I not only see the progress of my clients, but also my own growth in the journey of serving and making a meaningful difference in their lives.

Gonzalo Ortiz Derpich
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I would like to recommend the Rossani Insight Coaching service, as it has been very helpful in helping me achieve my personal and professional goals with her guidance, methodology and advice. In 4 sessions I felt that I made a lot of progress in finding different methods and tools that will allow me to continue developing myself in a stage of many internal and external changes. Ross's human quality was also very helpful in helping me to feel confident and in a safe space where I could talk openly and frankly. I will definitely request a series of sessions again the next time I feel the need. Thank you very much!
Mariol Rojas Talamilla
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Para mi Rossani es increíble persona y profesional, tome sesiones con ella y fueron muy amenas y de una confianza absoluta... ella sabe cómo llegar y guiarte a lo que uno necesita y está desorientado a las respuestas, que uno mismo las tiene. Todas las herramientas que me entrego fueron muy precisas y eso hace que uno empiece a conocerse más y eso es lo lindo de haber hecho coach junto a Rossani. Definitivamente la recomiendo y yo quede muy contenta con su profesionalismo e interés en ayudar y guiarte en un camino que creo que todos deberíamos hacer en algún momento y que sea constante para tu vida.
Sabrina Alexandra Solís Vásquez
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Recomiendo a Rossani por su dedicación y calidad de atención hacia el cliente, capacidad de empatía y escucha activa, es una persona bastante resolutiva detecta patrones y emociones durante la sesión. Una profesional excelente que ayuda al descubrimiento mediante el autoconocimiento.
Valentina Quiñones
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Tuve la oportunidad de conocerla y trabajar con ella en el desarrollo de mi compañía y fue un proceso muy grato, intenso y eficiente. Ya estoy en mis últimas sesiones y ha sido de gran aprendizaje personal y profesional, recomendado para aquellos que estén emprendiendo y necesiten de una mano para que los guíe. Una profesional excelente que ayuda al descubrimiento mediante el autoconocimiento.
Lukas Kalbhenn
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Rossani es alguien quien sin juzgarte te ayudará a cumplir con tus objetivos de cada sesión, cuenta con mucho conocimiento y tiene una gran calidad humana. Uno fácilmente se siente a gusto con ella, la recomiendo al 100%. Sus sesiones me ayudaron muchísimo.
Cristina Bazán Naranjo
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Hice un proceso de couching con Rossani. Me encantó el proceso y ella como persona. Consegui mi objetivo para cuidarme y estar más saludable además de aumentar mi autoestima respecto a otras facetas de mi vida. Repetiré para futuras ocasiones sin dudarlo
Yasmin Mograby
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Rossani trabaja en profundidad los objetivos, es un lugar seguro para hablar y expresar emociones. Hay un cambio importante en mi vida después del término de las sesiones. Rossani posee dos cualidades relevantes para el proceso de curación: ella es centrada y se conecta contigo.
Rob Buchan
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Ross is a professional and quality masseuse. Ross gave my partner a relieving and mobilising acute back pain massage. My partner could walk and move so much better afterwards! Ross also destroyed some knots in my calves. I wasn't walking straight for a week. Running like a cheetah now! Thanks Ross! 11 out of 10
Theo Gablick
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Very helpful massage, at work i sit a lot so i needed this pretty much. Rossani is working professionally and the surrounding helped me relaxing a lot.
Pablo Gómez
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Fui donde Rossani por un masaje de relajación y fue realmente bueno, a veces creemos estar súper bien pero nunca está de más regalarse un rico momento. Recomiendo sin dudas sus servicios, en un ambiente acogedor y muy profesional.
Jimena Perez Arrollo
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I loved the massage! She is very profesional and there is also relax music and aromatherapy which make it a really nice experience. The feeling after the massage is really good, totally recommend it.
Matthias Bauer
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Ich Habe seit original Monaten eine blöde Verspannung im unteren Rücken, die partout nicht weg gegen wollte. Heute wurde diese bei der ersten Sitzung schon so weit gelöst, dass ich keine Schmerzen mehr habe. Die Stunde fühlte sich auch viel länger und "produktiver" an bin sehr zufrieden und werde bestimmt wieder herkommen.
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Massage was absolut wohltuend, auf individuelle Bedürfnisse/Schmerzen wurde eingegangen/beraten

Frequent Questions

Anyone who is at a turning point in their life, those who want to make a change in their current state or achieve a desired goal and do not know where to start, what to prioritize, how and which actions to take.

It is an instance that serves to reflect and analyze your current state, where you want to go and what you need to achieve it.
Accompanied by a specialist you will be able to remove mental blocks, overcome limiting beliefs, recognize your potential, define short-term goals, all under an action plan focused on you and what you really want.

Through simple techniques and understanding some concepts we can manage and optimize our essential resources of life in a correct way, aligned to our objectives and values.

Coaching has had a great boom in recent years, because of its effectiveness in results, since it focuses on your present and your future, accepting your current reality and seeking to improve your performance in the short term.
In contrast, therapy seeks to delve into past actions, patterns and situations.


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